Here are the links to a selection of my writing clips that I encourage you to check out, broken up into several main categories that I enjoy writing about the most (including some non-health-related categories at the end). Just click on any linked title to see it live where it was published. There’s a lot more where these came from, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Health News

Appetite Has Less of a Roll in Calorie Consumption Than We Think Care2 Healthy Living

Genetics May Explain Why Some People Feel Lonelier Than Others Care2 Healthy Living

Why Standing Desks May Not Be as Beneficial as You Think Care2 Healthy Living

Wi-Fi Ranks Higher in Importance Than Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol Care2 Healthy Living

Selfie-Taking Is Linked to Happiness and More Confidence Care2 Healthy Living

Your Favorite Reusable Water Bottle Is Germier Than a Toilet Seat Care2 Healthy Living


6 Chlorella Benefits That Will Make This Superfood Your New Sig-O Organic Authority

Powerful Antibacterial Manuka Honey Benefits to Make You Love Bees Even More Organic Authority

Saturated Fat Makes It Harder for Your Brain to Control Your Diet Care2 Healthy Living

Increasing Your Daily Intake of Fruits and Veggies Could Boost Happiness Care2 Healthy Living

Veggies Grown on Mars May Actually Be Healthier for Us Care2 Healthy Living

Certain Edible Insects Are More Nutritious Than Beef Care2 Healthy Living


Lifting Light Weights Is Just As Effective As Lifting HeavyHealth & Fitness Care2 Healthy Living

Even Small Amounts of Physical Activity Can Make People Happier Care2 Healthy Living

Running May Be As Good for Your Brain As Playing a Musical Instrument Care2 Healthy Living

No Motivation to Exercise? Dopamine Receptors May Feed Sedentary Lifestyle Care2 Healthy Living

All You Need Is 20 Minutes of Exercise for an Anti-Inflammatory Effect Care2 Healthy Living

Exercise Can Help Fight Food Cravings from Lack of Sleep Care2 Healthy Living



Stress Awareness

What Hitting the Snooze Button Does to Your Body Care2 Healthy Living

Caffeine Overdose Symptoms: The Unpleasant Signs and How to Take the Edge Off Organic Authority

Be More Spontaneous! Study Finds Scheduling Events Makes Them Less Fun Care2 Healthy Living

5 Ways to Meditate If Meditation Scares You Care2 Healthy Living

How to Lower Cortisol Naturally Care2 Healthy Living

Study Finds People Who Worry About Getting Sick Actually Do Get Sick Care2 Healthy Living


Natural Health Trends

Nutrient IV Therapy: Can This Wellness Trend Transform Your Health? Organic Authority

11 Therapeutic Essential Oils to Combat Icky Cold Symptoms Organic Authority

Why You Should Ditch Your Scented Cosmetic Products Care2 Healthy Living

6 Natural Alternatives to Toxic Toothpaste Care2 Healthy Living

Why You Should Swap Your Regular Face Cleanser for Korean Skin Masks Feel

Moringa: The Best Natural Energy Booster to Start Your Day Organic Authority



How Yoga Can Help Boost Your Immune System Yogi Surprise

Ayurveda Tips for a Balanced Fall Routine Yogi Surprise

The Amazing Science of Om Chanting Yogi Surprise

The Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation Yogi Surprise

5 Science-Backed Benefits of Deep Breathing Yogi Surprise

Longevity Secrets from a 120-Year-Old Monk Yogi Surprise


Vegan & Green Living

Vegan & Green LivingWhat in the World Is Vegan Cheese, Anyway? Organic Authority

7 Vegan & Ethical Beauty Gifts Care2 Healthy Living

5 Practical Home Garden Solutions for City Dwellers Organic Authority

The Clueless Foodie’s Guide on How to Eat a Persimmon Organic Authority

How to Make a Natural Screen Cleaner for Your Electronic Devices Care2 Healthy Living

8 Space-Saving Vertical Herb Garden Ideas for Small Yards & Balconies Decoist



Mental Wellness

Mental WellnessHow Writing by Hand Benefits Your Mental Health Care2 Healthy Living

Look to the Great Outdoors to Reduce Mental Health Problems Organic Authority

3 Visual Experiences That Can Improve Your Health Care2 Healthy Living

3 Subtle Ways Your Smartphone Keeps You Hooked Care2 Healthy Living

7 Ways to Increase Happiness as You Age Care2 Healthy Living

Can Good Posture Ease Depression Symptoms? Care2 Healthy Living



Science & Psychology

Science & PsychologyWhy Animal Gift-Giving Is a Survival Instinct Factorialist

Science-Backed Ways to Get the Most Out of Music Care2 Healthy Living

Why You Love Foods That Others Hate (and Vice Versa) Factorialist

Quirky Gift-Giving Etiquette: How Not to Offend Everyone in the World Factorialist

Why Humans Needed Cooking to Evolve Factorialist

Why Smell Triggers Long-Lost Memories Factorialist



Personal Development

Personal DevelopmentProof Your Body Image Can Change in As Little As 2 Minutes Care2 Healthy Living

How to View a Challenge as Exciting Rather Than Scary Care2 Healthy Living

5 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Care2 Healthy Living

12 Self-Sabotaging Mindsets That Are Holding You Back Care2 Healthy Living

The Surprising Ways Distraction Benefits Your Brain Care2 Healthy Living

7 Tips to Stop Taking Criticism So Personally Care2 Healthy Living



Motivation & Habit-Building

Motivation & Habits4 Science-Backed Reasons to Take a Break from Social Media Care2 Healthy Living

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Something You Hate Doing Care2 Healthy Living

5 Reasons Why Motivation Is Difficult to Sustain Care2 Healthy Living

5 Unexpected Lifestyle Habits That Boost Immunity Care2 Healthy Living

7 Eye-Opening Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Good Habits Care2 Healthy Living

10 Bad Habits That Meditation May Help Eliminate Care2 Healthy Living



Work & Productivity

Work & Productivity5 Productivity Hacks for 12 Different Types of Procrastinators Lifehack

4 Science-Backed Ways to Take a Break for Better Productivity Care2 Healthy Living

10 of the Most Productive Ways to Nap Care2 Healthy Living

5 Simple Brain Tricks to Help You Get More Done Care2 Healthy Living

Easy Body Movements to Improve Productivity Care2 Healthy Living

3 Reasons To Strategically Procrastinate, Accomplish More, Be Happier Elite Daily



Job Search & Career Advice

Job Search & Career AdviceThe Job Seeker’s Guide to Nonverbal Queues Factorialist

10 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself in Your Resume Lifehack

10 Essential Job Search Tips for Reading Week TalentEgg

How New Graduates Can Shift Toward a Career in Skilled Trades TalentEgg

Everything Young Skilled Tradespeople Need to Know About the Red Seal Program TalentEgg

Skilled Trades Grants, Tax Credits and Deductions for Apprentices TalentEgg




Entrepreneurship15 Free and Really Useful Online Courses for Entrepreneurs Lifehack

Don’t Be an Industry Knock Off: 5 Ways to Sell Yourself as an Expert CopyPress

How to Set Up a Custom Domain Name on Tumblr Lifewire

10 Things You Never See in Successful People Lifehack

5 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram Lifehack

Fiverr Alternatives: 10 Other Sites Like Fiverr Lifewire



Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingWhat’s the Best Time of Day to Post on Instagram? Lifewire

How to Cut Through the Noise and Get Noticed Online Ampervize

How Internet Celebs Use Follow Sprees to Get Social Media Followers Lifewire

Why You Should Use Buffer for Your Social Media Scheduling Lifewire

Everything You’re Not Allowed to Post on Facebook Lifewire

10 Websites That Let You Download Free Photos to Use for Anything Lifewire




Internet / Mobile Trends & Entertainment

Internet Trends & Entertainment10 Powerful Netflix Hacks to Improve Your Streaming Experience Lifewire

7 Sites to Watch Free TV Shows Online (Yes, Full Episodes!) Lifewire

The Top 10 Best 10-Hour-Long Videos on YouTube Lifewire

20 Fun Gaming Apps for Creative People Lifehack

10 of the Weirdest Kickstarter Campaigns That Were Successfully Funded Lifewire

Top 10 Apps for Buying Luxury Items from Your Mobile Device Lifewire



Technology News

Technology NewsCanadian Technology to Play Integral Role in World’s Most Powerful Space Telescope Techvibes

Toronto Ad Agency Develops Controversial Dog Collar That Texts When It’s Too Hot Techvibes

3D Printing in Medicine? The FDA Says It’s Coming Organic Authority

Google Under Fire After Failing to Delete Street View Data Slashgear

Kinect-Controlled Trashcan Catches Trash Tossed in the Air Slashgear

8 Ways to Tell Fake News Sites Apart from Real News Lifewire


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